When did relations between Russia and the United States start to get sour?

When did relations between Russia and the United States start to get sour?

Initially former Soviet people (including me and even Mr. Putin) were very enthusiastic about US and the West in general, we never lived in competitive society and we thought that the main reason why US hated us is our socialist ideology. We were sure that as soon as we return from socialism to capitalism — we will be embraced by our western brothers and will become a part of Golden billion — Wikipedia.

Needless to say that the West and especially US were delighted to take advantage of our initial naivete, it was like a child rape performed by smiling old and experienced gentleman. Billions in goods from exUSSR were sold abroad for nothing as all money remained abroad. We experienced unbelievable in Soviet Union shortages of energy, in many regions heaters became barely warm during winter, electricity was sporadic, unemployment was soaring, our reforms guided by American advisers created a class of oligarchs who basically pumped everything from us to the West — and their final role would be selling of all former state property to Western companies.

US had no problems with such weak Russia led by alcoholic president Yeltsin. Then obviously Russians started to realize that to survive in this world we need to protect our own interests. Our immune system kicked in and Yeltsin was replaced by Putin. At that time even Putin himself probably believed that all this robbery of Russia is mostly our own fault and situation could become normal if we will start to behave properly — i.e. as competitively as our Western partners.

So, Putin started to tax oligarchs (natural gas and oil taxes) and this way money instead of flowing to foreign banking accounts started to remain and provide all citizens. In 10–15 Putin’s years life of Russian people was drastically changed:

When did relations between Russia and the United States start to get sour?

Initially Putin was very cautious and even allowed to continue robbery to some extent, obviously he did not want to alert the West. Most Western European countries were OK with prosperous Russia — but US obviously had different vision for Russian future. They were glad to see poor and disintegrating Russia and became less and less happy as Russia recovered. So, initially US started asking “who is Mr. Putin” as they still hoped that this guy will just provide controlled demolition of Russia, then they started to be more and more aggressive toward Putin and Russia, especially after Munich speech of Vladimir Putin — Wikipedia where he explicitly told that Russia has the same rights as any other western country and (oh horror!) US itself:

From that time US started to struggle with Russia in the same manner as it struggled with Soviet Union. So, we all realized that changing ideology and system was not enough, Russia never will be considered as equal or at least have some respect and honest share of pie in world controlled by US, americans would prefer to reduce and destroy Russia. Direct assault was impossible because Putin became very popular among Russians, so US started to surround Russia with enemies by supporting russophobia in Poland, Baltic states and eventually — US funding, diplomacy and special forces provided big victory in Ukraine where trained by US Western Ukrainian neo-Nazi performed a coup in 2014. That destroyed a good chunk of Russian economy and threatened to disrupt oil and gas import to Europe.

Also, US practically forced Putin to return Crimea to Russia (to prevent the same bloodshed that happened in Donbass where Russian-speaking majority rebelled against suppression of Russian language). Then US introduced sanctions as punishment for protecting my Crimea from violent Ukrainian nationalists. These sanctions are clearly designed to harm Russian economy — but fortunately Putin was able to stabilize situation and last two years Russian economy even started to grow.

That’s where we are now. US lost any sense of shame with sanctions against Nord Stream 2 — Wikipedia — they simply want to force Europe to buy expensive american LNG instead of cheaper pipeline gas from Russia. Even Germany became outraged and Merkel said that this pipeline will be finished anyway.

We will see how events will unfold between Russia and US. It is obvious that truth and justice is on Russian side, but US still have a lot of power and control to harm Russia and force others to do the same.

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